What We Do

Are you concerned about how much Information Technology (IT) contributes to the performance of your business, or hinders it?!

Would you like to maximise the support that IT gives to achieving your business objectives, in net terms?

We help you to gain significant, even dramatic, improvements in project success rates and levels of net business benefit (value).

We help business and IT professionals and their companies to maximise business value from activities that improve effectiveness and efficiency of information technology enabled process.

We offer powerful, supportive mentoring to help you and your colleagues maximise business value. We present you with the fundamental principles and concepts and the main models and techniques of our unique Business Value Maximisation Framework (BVMF®). We then offer ongoing support to help you implement and refine improved ways or working to achieve this Holy Grail of IT. The mentoring we provide includes role definition, career development, personal and professional performance and optimised daily practice in analysis and management, all in respect of IT engendered business value maximisation.


Sceptical industry pundits such as Paul A Strassman (the Squandered Computer) and Nicholas G Carr (Does IT Matter?) have questioned whether IT (still) has significant value to offer business and not-for-profit organisations; others, mainly IT suppliers, claim the possibilities to boost business and organisational efficiency and effectiveness are almost endless. Whichever camp you belong to, we can help you to maximise your business value, i.e. net benefits and return on investment (ROI), from your IT enabled business projects, programmes and activities using our powerful, pragmatic Business Value Maximisation Framework (BVMF®).