Our Framework

What Business Value Maximisation Framework (BVMF®) Does

BVMF® significantly, even dramatically, helps raise the success rate of projects that provide IT assistance ("digitalisation"/computerisation) to business processes, success levels of such projects (the incremental value and ROI) and the level of ongoing value (productivity) arising from such business processes. BVMF® is the only known framework to focus exclusively and specifically on the maximisation of value from business related IT.

The Birth of Business Value Maximisation Framework (BVMF®)

This unique framework was developed by director David Jacobs, originally in the 1980s and '90s, because industry on a global basis was having trouble being confident that business computerisation was delivering any net benefit at all! It therefore concentrates on practical ways to generate maximum value from IT in a business or organisational context in a way that is powerfully effective. BVMF® provides easy to understand visual models and a set of associated techniques. There are many Unique Selling Points (USPs) to BVMF® - it works with any other method, approach or practice so you lose nothing, and crucially defines the essential ingredients of IT business value in a way that other methods do not. Arising in the first place from the first, second and third hand experience of one individual in its conception rather than being produced by a committee, BVMF® is highly focused, concentrated and consistent.


BVMF® centres around 50 integrated models that describe and define the main challenges to overcome at a macro level. The models also provide a solution and way forward starting to move from macro to micro solution mode. These models, ever increasing in number, are arranged into a logical sequence and outer wrapper of modules. Supporting the models there are around 500 techniques (things to think about and do) called Concepts, Principles, Guidelines and Techniques (CPGTs).


The BVMF® models are defined and made available to those trained and certified in BVMF® in PowerPoint. The Concepts, Principles, Guidelines and Techniques are documented in PowerPoint and Word and are also available to BVMSs (those trained and certified in BVMF®, known as Business Value Maximisation Specialists). BVMF® is ever expanding and improving. We train business analysts, project managers, product owners/managers, etc to become Business Value Maximisation Specialists (BVMSs) - a role industry has long found difficult to enact and a role that gives a whole different meaning to computer assisted business in respect of the net benefit (value) achievable.