Grateful thanks are due to the following who have generously given support and encouragement to the development of Do IT Better Consortium (DIBC) and Business Value Maximisation Framework (BVMF®). This is not an exhaustive list.




Adrian Reed


CEO, business analysis thought leader & author

Adrian Heeler

Self employed

Business Analyst

Adrian Searle

Self employed

Business Systems Analyst/Technical Author

Alex Maguire

Subbench and Konvergent

Digital Marketing

Andrew Holmes

PwC and Ernst & Young

Author of Failsafe IS Project Delivery

Andrew Jankel

Jankel Group


Andrew "Drew" Precious

International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) UK

(IIBA) UK North - Coordinator

Andy Doran-Smith

Maximum Value Ltd, Do IT Better Consortium

Programme Value Manager

Andy Giles

Computer Power (recruitment)

Managing Director

Andy Skeet

Worldcom (formerly)

Project Manager

Barbara Enright

Air Products Plc (formerly)

Programme Manager

Ben Brett

Best IT


Bernie Nyman

BM Nyman & Co

IT Legal consultant

Caroline Gabriel

Corporate IT Strategy


Christina Lovelock


Business Analysis author and thought leader

Christine Ashton

BP and TfL (formerly)

IT thought leader & co-founder of BCS Business-IT Bridging Group (1999)

Christopher E Jenkins


IT Value consultant

Dalim Basu

British Computer Society (BCS)

BCS Project Management Group coordinator

Daren Marenghi

Lagona Consultants

Senior Business Analyst, Project Mgr

Darren Brindley

Atrix Consulting Ltd

Senior IT recruiter

David Constantine

iRevolution (formerly)

Project Manager

David Kerr

Watt Works Consulting

Managing Director

David Strachan

IIBA UK North & Scotland


David Turner

Kent University

Professor of Computation and author of software language MIRANDA (sadly deceased 2024)

Dr Arnoud Franken

Cranfield School of Management/Information Systems

Dr of Information Systems (business case research)

Dr Charles Willbe

Project Doctors, PPME & APM

Consultant Project/Programme Mgr

Dr Lilly Evans

Strategic Learning Web


Eamus Halpin

iRevolution (formerly)

CEO, IT entrepreneur

Elaine McCartney BVMS

Sky (formerly)

Principal Business Analyst, certified in BVMF®

Ewen Anderson

Warwick Innovation Centre


Gale Vincent

Galeforce Consulting

Business coach

Gary Lloyd


Project consultant and author

Graham Devine

Adjunct Ltd (training)

Training consultant

Hazel I Longworth

Maximum Value Ltd, Do IT Better Consortium

IT Business Value Archivist

Hugh Pickerin


Business/IT Consultant

Huw Michael

Royal Holloway University of London (formerly)

IT Technical Manager/Lead Architect

Ian Lynch

Butler Group

Director of Strategic Advisory Services

Jacky Kutner

Moat Housing Group (formerly)

Head of Group IS

Jean Cohen

Maximum Value Ltd, Do IT Better Consortium

PR and Marketing Executive

John Pendreich

Solution architect

IT Consultant/Project Manager

Jon Dartnell

Subbench and Konvergent

IT marketing consultant

Jonathan Papworth

iRevolution (formerly)

IT Leader

Julie Valentine

Unicom (training)


Keith Jacobs

Wiseness (SEO)

Marketing and SEO Consultant

Kyri G Stavri

Visual Investment Valuation Svcs (VIVS)

Investment/Financial Planning IT Consultant

Mark Hopkins

Galileo Int'l (formerly)

Business analyst, product owner

Martin Box

The Post Office

Recruitment Manager

Martin Johnson

Your Big Pic

Business Analyst and author

Michael Millward

Abeceder and The Independent Minds

HR Consultant and thought leader

Mike Daniels

Maximum Value Ltd

Publishing IT executive

Mike Hall

Air Products Plc

European Procurement Mgr

Mike Hardy

ADP Employer Services

European Banking Manager

Mike Wiltshire

FT IT Review


Nigel Harding

Woking and Sam Beare Hospices (WSBH)


Nigel Jacobs


Senior Principal Software Engineer and AI specialist

Paul Estep

Extech IT Solutions


Paul Leader

The Trust (IT cooperative)

IT Analyst/Coordinator (ret.)

Penny Pullan

Making Projects Work

Consultant Business Analyst, Mentor and Author

Peter Kammerling

Former freelancer (at MOJ)

Business & IT consultant (ret.)

Peter Kersley

Peak Training, Brooklands College

Information Systems Training Consultant

Philippa Randall-Nason

MaxVal Consultancy

Executive Assistant, Marketing & Client Support Manager

Professor Bernie Cohen

City, University of London

Professor Emeritus of Information Systems

Professor Bob Galliers

Warwick University Business School (former Dean)

Professor of Information Systems Strategy

Professor Dan Remenyi

Brunel University

Information Systems Thought Leader and Author

Richard L Burden

R L Burden

Programme Manager

Rob Lambert

Cranfield University Information Systems

Information Systems researcher and thought leader

Rob Shorter

Air Products Plc (formerly)

Project Manager

Ruth Wallsgrove

BCS Business-IT Bridging Group

BCS BIT Co-founder

Shash Patel

Air Products Plc

Global Relationship Mgr Info Systems

Simon Scantlebury

Scantlebury Associates

Career Coach (sadly passed away in 2023)

Simon Turner

DSG Retail (former director)

Business Leader

Stephen Bairfelt

Purple Research


Sue Hunter

Worldcom (formerly)

Billing Manager

Tim Ring


Editor of Conspectus and Consultants’ Advisory

Tom Gilb

Gilb International

Principal, IT value thought leader

Tony McNeill

B2E Consulting & Resourcing

Management Consultancy pioneer

Val Levy (nee Marks)


Marketing Consultant

William "Bill" Watson


Finance, ERP and SAP Systems Professional