Our Approach

Getting business value, success and return on investment (ROI) consistently from IT systems is not easy - measurable value doesn't just happen from deployment of software, however 'good' the software is - there's a lot more to it!

Gaining better results in this regard has been persistently elusive despite continual advances in technology. Research has shown that between 75% and 92% of all IT systems produce little or no measurable net gain/benefit.

Against this backdrop, we at MaxVal Consultancy Ltd help business IT professionals and their companies/organisations to maximise levels of business value, success and ROI gained from IT systems and digital transformation, i.e. to use Information Technology for maximum net business benefit.

We use our own approach developed over more than 25 years, which is pragmatic, innovative and cuts to the heart of the challenge - it's significantly, often dramatically, effective because it's based on real-world problem solving and exploitation of opportunities rather than being drawn from IT management text books (although it does take conventional 'wisdom' into account). This approach is called Business Value Maximisation Framework (BVMF®).

Please be assured that we enhance and augment, rather than replace, other methods, approaches, practices and roles. We combine traditional, inherent principles of business value maximisation with the newer facilities of IT systems.

We make sure that our clients' business, people, information, processes and systems combine in the most effective way by underpinning the other methods, practices and approaches in use with the essential principles only defined so clearly by BVMF®.

We ensure the highest rate of success, business value, matched expectations and an optimum return on investment (ROI) - in other words, the best possible improvement to productivity and/or profitability that IT and human beings working together could possibly engender given the resources available.

Models and techniques for maximising IT's value, success and ROI are changing.
We at MaxVal Consultancy Ltd are helping them to change; why not let us help you?