We provide consultancy, mentoring, coaching, training and accreditation:

  • IT Business Value Maximisation - consultancy, training, accreditation and licensing for significantly improved success rates and ROI using our Business Value Maximisation Framework (BVMF®). We train and accredit business IT professionals in BVMF® at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels
  • Business-IT Mediation and Alignment - culturally, language-wise, information-wise, systems-wise, business-wise
  • Business Process Improvement and Reengineering (BPR) - analysis, review, redesign to boost value realisation
  • Data and Information Analysis - analysis, modelling, usage, migration design
  • Business and IT Systems Analysis - all aspects
  • Requirements Definition and Management - all kinds and aspects
  • Project and Programme Management - all with a value maximisation flavour
  • Project Troubleshooting and Turnaround/Rescue
  • Architectural Support - business and IT systems-wise
  • Coaching, Mentoring, Training, Recruitment and Career Advice

As founder of Do IT Better Consortium (DIBC) we are part of a value focused high quality cooperative network of consultants who all like to provide better services and are trained in BVMF®. We are thus able to provide exceptional, cost/value effective business analysis, project and programme management, architectural design and other related consultancy support.