Here below are answers to questions that other methods, frameworks, approaches and practices only patchily cover, if at all; broadly:

- If I want maximum value, success and ROI from my business/organisational IT/'Digital' projects and activities (which I do), what questions do I need to answer?

- To gain optimal value and success from the incorporation of IT systems into my business/work practices and processes, what questions do I need to answer?


BVMF® Models, Concepts, Techniques & Answers

What is value, to me and my value interested parties (VIPs), in the specific situation I am looking to improve?

Value Definition Model, generic and specific (VDefM)

What do I need to think, say, focus on and, most importantly, do, practically, pragmatically and viably/effectively; and, how can I best involve others who can/will help? Who do I need to do what?

BVMF® as a whole, Information Systems Activity/Role Spectrum, Value Delivery Models (VDMs)

What are the ingredients of the value cake (generically and in my situation) and how should I use/treat each one to get the best out of its contribution to the quality of the end result cake?

Business Value Ingredients, Business Value Equation (BVEQ)™

How do I best source the ideal ingredients, use them, mix them, cook them and present the resultant cake to the body/sponsor who wants it?

Business Value Equation (BVEQ), Football Team Management (FTM)/Optimal Human-Computer Interactivity (OHCI), Macro to Micro Effectiveness (MME), Micro Level Interface Sins Avoidance (MLSA)

What kind of cake do the sponsor and VIPs want? Do I need one cake or several cakes?

Propensity (PROP), Value Definition Model, specific (VDM)

How do I measure and monitor value all through the (continuing) whole process/procedure (including forecasting and relating actuals back to the forecasts of value being manifested?)

Business Value Equation (BVEQ), Crossword Diagram (CD)

How much value might be possible in the situation for this specific piece of work?

Propensity Concept (PROP)

How do I discover where my value will come from? For example, from improved IT technicality/IT functionality, human activity, liaison between IT functionality and the humans using it, etc...? (e.g. if you've BPR'd the living daylights out of your business process (org activity pattern/sequence) you may not have much incremental value left to shoot at!

Value Origin/s (VOs), Propensity (PROP), Football Team Management (FTM)/Optimal Human-Computer Interactivity (OHCI)

How "suitable" for "computerisation" is the bus/org process/activity area you are looking to improve?

Representivity, generic and specific (REPR)

Which set/blend of methods will be most effective for this project/piece of work? Agile, waterfall, wagile, Prince2, BRM, MoV, MSP, Lean, etc... (BVMF provides the foundations of value that will make this selection far more effective as none of these focus on value to anywhere near the degree to which BVMF does so). What will the other "methods" do for me in respect of value/success, and not do?

1934 Model, Step Diagram (STDIAG), Landscape Value Characteristics (LVCs)™

How do I get the best result/maximum value, and KEEP "upping" that result? How do I get the best possible result, keep getting it and subsequently improve on it?

Crossword Diagram (CD), Repeated use of Business Value Equation (BVEQ)™

How can I achieve my objectives reliably but also exceed my objectives where that will cost no more or little more? (BVMF® helps you achieve AND exceed).

Comparatives (COMPs), Less Tangibles (Evaluation), Predictivity (PREDICT)

How do I evaluate the comparative contribution of each of my "requirements"/process components to the whole and combine them in an optimally value-full/powerful fashion?

Conceptual Units of Benefit (CUB) Ladder, Layers of Focus (LoF)™

How do I prevent loss of value anywhere along the chain and how do I get more value? I.e., optimise the gain/benefit over pain/cost ratio/ROI.

Crossword Diagram (CD)

How do I manifestly gain the benefits of BVMF® in my business or organisation?

Either by MaxVal Consultancy supplying a BVMF® trained and accredited consultant (a business value maximisation specialist/BVMS) to work with your team and/or by MaxVal training your team to use BVMF® for themselves… we can mix and match according to your specific needs and budget.
As MaxVal is founder of Do IT Better Consortium (DIBC), a cooperative of consultancies who believe in better value from IT, we can supply trained business analysts, project managers, programme managers and architects to help and support your projects and activities. These consultants are trained in BVMF® but can also operate in a more "traditional" capacity if that suits your need. These consultants however work with a relentless focus on value whatever capacity they are operating in.

What stage of maturity is BVMF® at?

MaxVal's CEO and lead Business Value Maximisation Specialist (BVMS) David P Jacobs, conceived BVMF® in the 1980s and early '90s and developed and refined it through from the mid-1990s to the current day.
It has arisen from REAL situations, by first, second and third hand experience and been cross referenced to all other methods, approaches, frameworks, and practices. Many of the models and techniques have been used in trial and real situations and, since 2020, more case studies have been put into progress with new ones being continually established. A pool of BVMF® trained consultants is being expanded on a daily basis.
Further information on case studies and other aspects of BVMF® appears here on the MaxVal website and that of Do IT Better Consortium (DIBC), our cooperative network of supplier consultancies, at
BVMF® has been "brewing" for over 30 years and is being updated, refined and expanded on a daily basis. Since 2020 the market interest in BVMF® has surged given that existing methods still struggle to provide consistent optimal value.
BVMF® supplies a foundation of principles and guidelines that underpins other methods with a relentless and forceful value focused layer, hence, the other methods become hugely more powerful when supported by BVMF®

Will BVMF® work for IT/"Digital" projects and activities that are not in the business/organisational arena?

Yes, to a great extent. Although BVMF® was specifically designed for business related IT situations, many of the models and techniques will work in non business related IT/"digital" areas, such as medical, scientific, etc. We estimate at least two-thirds, maybe more of BVMF® will apply

Will BVMF® work for non IT/"Digital" related projects and activities?

Yes, to a great extent; many of the models and techniques will work in non IT/"digital" situations. We estimate at least two-thirds, maybe more will potentially be useful and possibly powerful.

Do we (have to) use the whole of BVMF®?

Absolutely not. In fact, at first, we recommend very selective value-targeted use of appropriate models and techniques to shore up weak spots. Ultimately, further down the road of success, clients may wish to use our Value Capability Improvement Programme (VCIP) to systematically increase ability to maximise IT business value. For this we use our IT Effectiveness Spectrum™ as a yardstick and set of benchmarks.

When and where do we obtain documentation on BVMF®?

Clients receive targeted documentation during and after application of or training in BVMF®. However, there is quite a lot of introductory material here on the MaxVal website (at, including articles, presentations, podcast, etc.

What does BVMF® consist of?

BVMF® consists of several dozen models (nearly 100 including the variations); these define the problems and challenges and start answering the questions listed here above, at least at macro if not micro level. Most models are pictorial and documented in PowerPoint but a few are textual only.
The models are supported by several hundred techniques (things to think about, focus on and do) - nearly 450 now including variations. These techniques are actually called CPGTs which stands for Concepts, Principles, Guidelines and Techniques. These are in the process of being documented, mainly in Word.
Some of the above components are arranged into Modules for effective segmentation.

Does MaxVal Consultancy have any training in use of BVMF® models and techniques to help career development and value-focused analysis and communication in this key area of value maximisation?

Yes, we have a training and accreditation programme for analysts, project/programme managers, architects, SMEs, CIOs and senior developers to become proficient in maximising value. This includes use of The Archery Target™ for career development and The Croydon Facelift™ for concentrated analysis and optimal communication.

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