Comments and Recommendations

"Your [business value] approach is a breath of fresh air and has helped us achieve a quality almost unheard of in this environment - you have understood our business requirements perfectly."
Billing and IT Project Managers, international telecommunications, London 1997

"The pace and quality of ideas in your [business value] presentation are extremely powerful."
Senior recruitment agent and IT industry coach, Manchester 2021

"Your framework's Business Value Equation compellingly shows how to maximise net gain from IT using the critical 'business-IT function-technology' relationship."
Analysis and Design Manager, Surrey based branch of London University 2014

"Your out of the box thinking has led to a highly productive approach for our client."
Managing Director, Surrey based computer recruitment consultancy 1992

"Your persistent use of 'Why?' has paid great dividends for our project."
Project Manager, Surrey based division of international manufacturer 1999

"The work you have carried out suggesting improvements to our processes is particularly noteworthy. Your attention to detail combined with an appreciation of the overall benefits has taken us a long way to success."
Estates & Facilities Planning Manager, major London based university 2009

"I wish all IT people spoke your language. I have yet to meet anyone who can read, interpret and translate IT terminology into better business sense. You have helped us to gain more business value than we thought possible."
European Procurement Systems Manager, multinational Chemicals plc, Manchester 1998

"With your [business value based] approach you have helped me formulate core principles around which I have built a team of like minded people to support value-based Business-IT interaction."
Global Relationship Manager, multinational gases plc, Surrey 1999

"Your [business value based] approach has given major impetus to user buy-in and minimised misunderstanding between management and operational departments."
IS Services Manager, Chamber of Commerce, the Midlands 2002

"Maximum Value [now MaxVal Consultancy]'s approach, particularly concerning the focus on maximisation of business value, is a refreshing change in business and IT related methods and practices."
Managing Director, business improvement consultancy, Cheshire 2011

"Your value focused consultancy and mentoring is an immensely valuable service..."
CEO, cancer hospices charity, Surrey 2011

"I enjoyed the presentation on your Business Value Maximisation Framework - it's a valuable and progressive approach."
Business Analyst, Post Office analysis team, London 2012

"I see so many examples on a daily basis of processes and systems that could hugely benefit from your [business value driven] approach..."
Director, Executive Coaching Associates, Surrey 2012

"You provide a sheer quality service; we learnt much about improving our effectiveness and efficiency..."
European Banking Manager, international payroll outsourcer, Surrey 2010

"Your ideas blew them away... [presenting business value principles to a client company]"
Senior IT Recruitment/Client Delivery Consultant, Manchester 2021

"I look forward to more companies picking up on your [business value related] ideas and practices... they will notice the large difference in their businesses."
Managing Director, IT/Staff Management Consultancy, Surrey 2008

"Your computerisation of our monthly sales and marketing statistics is truly exemplary..."
Deputy Managing Director, Construction company, Middlesex 1981

"Business Value Maximisation Framework is extreme common sense; I wish I had known about it years ago!"
Consultant Business Analyst, Financial Capital Services Company, Ayrshire 2022

"The software you've written to assist our air cargo market forecasts has for the first time given the UK industry highly accurate and actionable information..."
Chairman of Top Cargo Guild (air cargo and airline cooperative), Middlesex 1983