The Challenge

For years, Information Technology has been perceived as:

  1. High on project failure
  2. High on expectations
  3. High on technical focus
  4. Low on delivery
  5. Low on business value
  6. Low on business benefits

Today, CIOs and their teams are under increasing pressure to address this challenge and to deliver maximum business value.

The Solution

We have the specific expertise to help you address these issues.

We help business and IT professionals and their companies to improve the degree of business value gained from information systems and related activities. For the first time, a comprehensive and practical approach has been developed that typically has a significant, often dramatic, effect on levels of business value, i.e net benefits obtained. The strength of this solution has grown from observation of real projects and programmes in the period 1981 to 2021 and continues to be updated to this very day. That solution is known as Business Value Maximisation Framework .Logo