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David JacobsDavid P Jacobs has over a number of years, by working in many different business and IT environments, developed in-depth skills and structures for significantly improving levels of success and business value obtained from IT. This has led to the development of the pragmatic framework now used by MaxVal Analysis to help business and IT professionals and their companies improve their success rates and levels of value and benefits; this is called the Business Value Maximisation Framework .


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Articles by David Jacobs

Maximising Value from Customer Facing Systems, Conspectus/Evaluation Centre, April 2008
Maximising Customer Facing Value

Reality Bytes (on realities of value from enterprise software processes), Consultants’ Advisory, October 2000
Reality Bytes

Getting Best Value from Enterprise Software, Conspectus magazine, February 2000
Getting Best Value

A New Breed of Friendship (for business/IT collaboration), drafted for the FT IT Review, July 1996

The Safest Route to Effective IT, published by Corporate IT Strategy, July 1995

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